Why learning digital marketing is key for Entrepreneurs?

My husband and I run an independent mobile application creation company. The last app that we have created is for law enforcement that is getting popular. Without doing any marketing, we have police officers who download it every day and seem to like it (the app has 4.7/5 stars on the app store). We also get frequent feedback from the officers who download it and we update it frequently to make it better.

How to Grow the Number Users?

Things seem to be perfect except that the app’s adoption is still very small as most police officers don’t even know that such an app exist and can help them in their day to day work. So how can we increase awareness and make the more popular than it is today?
The answer is to start marketing the app and this is my role in the company. While I have past experience in Marketing, things have changed a lot and I have not experience with digital marketing.

Learning is Digital Marketing is Key

To help me with this task, I’ve decided to sign up for the Digital Marketing Nanodegree at Udacity. I liked the fact that it’s teaching the major ways to promote our apps (SEO, SEM, Facebook ads, …). One key element that made me sign up is the fact that I had to return a project each week and was able to market our own product in those projects.
Overall, I think that digital marketing is key to all entrepreneurs out there. Having a great product that few users like is a great start but marketing it online allows many more users to discover and enjoy it!